Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI), Business Analysis (BA), Big Data Analytics & Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) when combined together provide a clear and concise data visualization models to transform and improve your business.

  • ETL Process – Extract, Transform, Load
  • Data Sources – Combine Data sources to unlock opportunities
  • Optimize Processes – Improve business processes and save money.
  • Easy Access – Make critical information available and shareable
  • Improve KPI’s – Improve Key Performance Indicators
  • OLAP Analysis – Online Analytical Processing
  • Reporting – Operational reports insights in realtime
  • KPI's
  • Sales

Business Intelligence (BI) Process

Comprehensive Audit, Analysis & KPI's

Comprehensive audit and analysis of business goals, objectives, market, competitive, SWOT analysis and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Results will help understand key areas for optimization and improvements across the enterprise.

Data Warehouse

Central repository for all your data sources. Merging of of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data into one big database opening up the opportunity for data mining.

Data Sources

Connect all types of different data sources in one place by pulling key metrics from across the enterprise. ERP, CRM, Databases (MongoDB, MySQL) Excel, Google Spreedsheets & many more.

OLAP Analysis

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) allows for analysis of multidimensional data in a hypercube using various analytical operations.

Data Integration

ETL – Extract, Transform, Load is critical process that data validation, cleaning

Insights & Reporting

All the necessary insights and daily, monthly, weekly reports to see how well your website is moving up the rankings.

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BI & BA Consultant

Experienced trustworthy Business Intelligence Consultant.

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Competitive Pricing

I offer competitive pricing/packages that easy flexible and easy to understand.

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Big Data Dashboards

Easy to understand dashboard(s) unlocking and mixing up vast application information into a single central location.

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Real-Time Access Big Data Reports

  • KPI #1
  • KPI #3
  • KPI #4

BI & BA Benefits

Insights Driven Enterprise

Transforming into a insight driven enterprise requires thoughtfully leadership, culture change, agile development and commitment across the entire organization.


Automate and centralize business processes, improving efficiency and cost savings.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics give your decision makers the insight they need to predict new developments, capitalize on future trends, and respond to challenges before they happen.

Increased Sales

Increase sales and generate high Return on Investment (ROI) from high qualified traffic that trust your brand.