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Welcome to EJS

Welcome to EJS –

Thank you very much for your patience!

They often say that “building your own is the most difficult”, undoubtedly those words can’t be truer than the necessary effort and courage that it took for me to finally build my own brand, my own identity, my own platform.

Oh so, too often, we get caught building the foundations and visions of others that we forget to build our own.

For many years, I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses elevate simple napkin ideas to omni-channel revenue generating opportunities by collaborating together and sharing a common goal of achieving success together.

Extensive learning aside, there is nothing more rewarding than earning your clients trust and demonstrating over the top results.

However, after digging deep, you realize that, there is something better, something much more divine — that inner deep voice that tells you late at night that its your turn now..

Well, here we are, once again thank you for your patience. My desire, is to continue to learn and help, but in a more open and conversational way.

Let’s connect and let’s elevate!

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